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Common Myths about Wig Shedding

10 Common Myths about Wig Shedding: Fake or Just Facts?

Wig Shedding, NOT Just Myths!

Statistics say 50% of the US population uses wigs in some form, increasing exponentially every year. That is why so many brands like Sun Trust offer a variety of wigs, and many myths are available among the users.

When someone plans to purchase their first unit, they get confused. This article will talk about some conventional myths and some facts against those.

Up for discovering some mysterious concepts? Find out a few common myths about wig shedding in the following. 

Myths Vs Facts about Wig Shedding

Myth 1: Hair shedding is usual in wigs

Fact: Hair shedding can be usual in natural hair, whereas shedding from wigs is common.

That is because wig hair shedding occurs due to many reasons. Manufacturing faults are one of the most significant causes of hair shedding in the new wig units. How a user handles the wig impacts hair’s durability and shedding frequency. 

Myth 2: Hair Shedding is Not a Permanent Condition in Wigs

Fact: Unlike natural hair systems, hair shedding is not permanent in wigs. Besides, hair shedding can be controlled with appropriate care and prevention techniques.

Efficient storing techniques also reduce hair shedding in wigs. If you are a new user or looking to prevent hair shedding in your lovely wig, you can explore prevention tips in more detail. 

Myth 3: Human Hair Wigs Look Natural And Shed Less

Fact: Did you know? That sentence looks more soothing to the eye, but the reality is pretty different. In the modern era, synthetic wigs have evolved and can provide you with the best outlook you seek. 

Talking about shedding, women with natural hair can sometimes face hair shedding due to a lack of care and quality of their hair. 

Let me be honest with you about both types of wigs. All these wigs can offer good durability with an excellent natural look, and you can reduce the shedding with proper care. You can check out our Natural Body Wave Full Lace Wig, crafted specially for a shiny new natural look.

Both wigs can give you a shiny, natural look, but reducing hair shedding is entirely up to your hair wig care routine. 

Myth 4: Cheap Wigs Are Prone to More Hair Shedding

Fact: Indeed, this is a myth. People have different budgets and choices for their units. Purchasing a cheap wig never guarantees it will shed more hair. What matters most is the quality of the hair wig you buy. 

And remember, the knotting system mostly defines the quality. If the base is efficiently knotted and the wig has gone through optimum processing, it will shed less hair from the root.

You are out of luck with a smaller budget, as it will offer you fewer options. It is wiser to invest a good amount to widen the possibilities before you purchase. 

Myth 5: Wig Shedding Is Inevitable After Bleaching

Fact: Many think hair sheds a lot from wigs after bleaching. It is not exactly true. The most inevitable thing that occurs is hair breakage. But, if you mix harsh chemicals with bleaching, it can easily fall off. 

Still not convinced? Take note of this. Be wiser, and do not bleach your wig a lot. It will increase the hair shedding frequency. 

Feel free to read more about the causes of shedding and how to prevent shedding after bleach if you are dead serious about it.

Myth 6: Frequent Shampooing and Conditioning Helps Shine

Fact: However, the result is quite the opposite. Regular shampoos can damage the hair quality and dry the wig. Sometimes, it can damage the base and loose the knot. Ensure to use sulphate-free shampoo. 

Good-quality shampoos can bring back the moisture they require. 

Myth 7: Products Can Stop Hair Loss Forever

Fact: This is not true at all. Wigs have certain limitations. They can’t grow hair independently and do not have a self-healing process installed. You may lose hair frequently if you lack routine hair care for your wigs. 

Regular care is necessary for users to make the best use of wigs. Sometimes, too much hair product can cause severe damage. 

Myth 8: You Can’t Customize Your Style With the Wigs

Fact: Well, it depends. You can apply any hairstyle you prefer, but there are some considerations.

To avoid damaging the unit, avoid heat styling and rough handling. If any styling requires tight handling, it can impact the durability. Read more

Myth 9: UV Rays Are Not Harmful to Wigs Like Natural Hair

Fact: This is simple. As wigs are different from natural hair, many think that wigs are not sensitive to sunlight or UV rays. It is a complete misconception. Sunlight can severely damage the wig if exposed for an extended period. It can cause sweat and itchy under the wig lace. It can also heat the base and weaken the knot. It can lead to dry hair. 

Myth 10: Natural Oil is No longer Needed in Hair Wigs

Fact: Natural hair has a built-in system with protein and vitamins to keep it healthy. Wigs are prone to getting dry and require care to keep moisturized. Oils like almond, coconut, and argan are important to keep the wig hair shiny. 

Bottomline to Myths!

You know what is worse? There are not thousands but tons of misconceptions about the wigs, along with the types. Some of them are partially true, while many are full of false ideas. We will talk about more of it for you if you stay subscribed. 

You will explore more facts against the myths, but what’s more important is to stop shedding. Our team of experts works day and night to share the hacks you need every day to stop shedding from your wig and make your user experience much smoother.

Follow us for more, and let’s get this show on the road. 

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