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Why Is My Human Hair Wig Matted: Explore Reasons

In a Dilemma? Why Is My Human Hair Wig Matted?

That’s right. Many women are in a dilemma, thinking about why it happens with their wigs, and feel cursed. Spending an amount for a quality wig frustrates many when they discover their wig matted. 

My heart aches for everyone who faced it. Let’s quickly explore why it happens. 

Human Hair Wig Matting: In Detail

When natural hair clumps with the bond, the wig sometimes gets tangled and twisted, forming matting in the natural hair wig. Irregular haircare routine peaks top to cause the event while there are a few reasons behind the matting.

To avoid matting, read the following cause with more detail. 

Hair Types, For Developing Matting

1. Long

You can wear the beautiful looks if you have a long hair wig. However, longer hairs are sensitive to cause tangles and knots.

As long as the hair length goes, it intertwines more with other strands and wig bonds, resulting in matting. Sleeping in longer wigs will cause more friction against the pillows and other hair, leading to tangling and matting. 

2. Curly Type

This hair type has one unique structure assisting in more matting in the wig. The regular bends in the hair easily interlock with each other to cause matting. 

Dry and Frizzy Hair Strands

Dry hair lacks moisture in the body and is more fragile to form matting. Due to the lack of natural moisturizer, hair strands and cuticles become more dehydrated, which forms irregular interlocks and causes matting in the wig. 

Unprofessional Washing Techniques

Paying attention to washing techniques is one of the leading causes. If you are not gentle, rubbing, rough handling, and harsh products can make wig hair susceptible to cause matting.

Don’t forget to rinse the strands thoroughly so no buildup is left. Otherwise, it can invite tangles, knots, and matting. 

Sleeping without Protecting Your Hair

If you have a habit of sleeping in wigs, cover your human hair wig to avoid knot buildups. When sleeping, you should expect a lot of friction against hair strands, pillows, and your clothes. This is one of the key reasons for matting in the wigs, 

Improper Application of Wigs

Wearing a suitable wig should be the first thing for comfort. Your wig should sit nicely to ensure a smooth experience. A hair salon expert, hairstyle, can help you with this. Anything wrong can lead to hair shedding from the wigs, tangling, and matting as an obvious result.

Beyond the wig type and material, each wig has a lifespan. However, you can enhance the span with proper care. Once the unit reaches the timeline, you should consider finding a new unit; otherwise, it can cause matting in the wig. 

Lack of Professional Wig Care

We found evidence of a building of matting due to the professional care of the wig. Even if you purchase a new quality wig, you can face matting and tangling if you need to learn how to take care of it properly. 

Low-Quality Products in the Wigs

The type of haircare product can determine whether it will tangle and lead to matting. If your products are of poor quality, no matter how much care you apply, you may face matting after some days. 

Lazy Routine with the Brushing

Believe me, it’s a simple fact! If you are lazy with brushing, get ready for matted wig. Our research says women who are more evident with brushing can greatly control the matting in the wig. 


If you are lazy with wig care, it will be rocket science for you to take care of your matted wig. It is better to avoid the reasons before you start searching how to get mats out of hair after extensions.

Nevertheless, we are the ones to reach out for a rocket solution for post and pre-care of your wigs, whether you ask why is my human hair wig matted or my synthetic wig is matted so early! 

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