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Synthetic vs Human Hair Wig

Synthetic vs Human Hair Wig: Advantages & Dissimilarities

In a fix for finding the right wig? When it comes to styles and types, wig brands offer plenty of varieties. Purchasing a wig unit for the first time is confusing as well as exciting.

Finding the root of similarities and dissimilarities between synthetic and human hair wigs allows you to pick the right wig in the exciting moment. 

As you go through the article, you will explore synthetic vs human hair extensions details, advantages, disadvantages, and, on top of everything, a confidence boost.

At Sun Trust Ltd, our experts work day and night to craft various super-quality wigs. Besides, we care about our customers. We believe in sharing honest words and serving you the best tips and tricks before and after purchase. 

Our research team regularly conducts evaluation and feedback programs among regular wig-user women, such as teens, working women, moms, and so on, to gather thoughtful experiences you will discover in a moment. 

Synthetic VS Human Hair Wig: Defining the Types

You don’t just buy wigs; you buy the fiber. 

You have to deal with this with more importance as fiber type precisely defines the wig type. Synthetic wigs are easier to maintain and cost less than natural hair wigs. 

Before deciding between synthetic vs real hair wigs, prioritize your place, climate, everyday style, and, most importantly, your budget. 

Like me, you will undoubtedly want to make your investment worthy. 

Human Hair Wigs

If you are into the wigs & hair industry for the first time, you’ll have many questions in your mind. 

Most hair companies collect raw materials from India, China, and other South Asian countries. 

You will see two types of human hair:

  1. Non Remy Human Hair
  2. Raw Human Hair

When the hair is intact and contains aligned cuticles, it is defined under the raw hair category. No extra chemicals are applied for a pattern.

On the other hand, non-Remy hair cuticles are misaligned. In non-remy hairs, some acids are applied, and silicone coating is added.

From my experience, if you plan to purchase the best quality hair, here are a few tips you need to know: 

Human good quality hair is easy to style and straighten, and it naturally holds curls. 

Even if you don’t like styling much, you can gently wash it with a good shampoo, and you will realize the natural quality of it. 

Shampoos will help you eliminate silicone coating if there is any. You will be sure if the hair quality is poor as it will get tangled after the wash. 

Non-Remy hair is not as great as raw hair, and the lifespan varies within eight weeks on average. 

The super beneficial factor is that human hair is more natural, fresh-looking, and lasts longer. With proper care, it can last several years. Dying, cutting, and heat styling- you can do it all. 

Human natural hair provides top-notch benefits with some downsides surrounding it. It costs a lot as it takes a lot to be on your head.

However, you should remember that human hair wigs are unsafe because of the effects of weather. It can cause frizziness and become limp in dry or cold weather. 

Synthetic Hair Wigs

You already have an idea about fibers in hair. In synthetic wigs, fiber preserves the waves, curl, and entire hair volume of the wig. It’s tough to color the synthetic wig hair.

However, the top takeaway it is cheaper.

Besides, human hair wigs take time to style, and synthetic wigs can be styled immediately. It is also helpful in handling it every day.

When styling is applied to synthetic hairs, it doesn’t lose texture.

Hair technology has evolved a lot over the years; synthetic wigs still don’t shine like natural hair, and feel more plastic-like.

Nevertheless, synthetic wigs offer limited styling options. You might have to purchase newer wigs to slay newer styles, as they can barely overcome different heat styling.

Difference Between Human And Synthetic Hair

Features Human Hair Wigs Synthetic Wigs
Different Styling Nothing different than real human hair. You can apply most styles: heat styling, dying, and straightening.  Synthetic wigs are so sensitive and vulnerable to heat styling. Most synthetic wigs are pre-styled, and sometimes, it is hard to alter the styles. 
Lifespan Highly durable- can serve a longer lifespan. High-quality and pricier wigs can offer a pretty durable lifespan.  Synthetic wigs don’t last so long. Sometimes, they get tangled and frizzing after washing and daily usage. 
Pricing In one word, expensive! So many factors decide its pricing: Origin, Quality, and Length.  Reasonable pricing. If you are low on budget and looking for a temporary hair solution, this is it. 
Natural Look Best for its shiny natural look. Texture and color provide a more natural hair look.  The synthetic wig industry has developed a lot, but it still lacks the original texture, like natural hair. 

There are some exceptions with the higher pricing category. 

Maintenance Human natural hair wigs require appropriate treatment: washing and conditioning like natural hair. 

It takes a hassle to take care of such wigs. A lot of patience is required. 

Synthetic wigs that barely lose their style, even after washing. They are renowned for easy handling but can be damaged if styling techniques are not gentle. 
Color Limitation Different human hair wigs have different colors, and it is difficult to match different natural colors.  Synthetic wigs can offer you more patterns of coloring that match your needs unless you have a different love for natural hair. 
Weather Impact Weather can impact the texture and make your hair wig frizzy.  It can handle the impact of the weather pretty well and works like weather-resistant hair. 
Material Crafted from natural human hair to provide a realistic outlook.  Made of artificial fiber. 
ON THE GO Impact It takes time to style and wear the wig instantly.  You can wear it right away for a suitable look. 

Difference | In a Nutshell

The difference between synthetic vs human hair wigs can be described in two words: hairstyling and material. These also define the longevity of the wig unit. 

While it’s easy to handle synthetic wigs, it offers less styling. Heat styling is not the synthetic hair wig thing. 

In contrast, human hair-made wigs offer more flexibility even though it takes some time to style with them. Additionally, you can style your hair like natural hair, and the look of it offers a natural vibe every day. 

Advantages of Human Hair and Synthetic Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

  • Natural human hair is made of original hair, naturally processed hair. They look exactly like real human hair with great natural feeling. 
  • Although human hair is pricey, it is worth every penny. You will experience a longer lifespan and naturally enhanced outlook to a great extent. 
  • You can wear them for a long time. You can color them as you choose. You will find it easier to style with heat and rough styling. 
  • With proper care, you can sleep in them with more confidence. However, I would advise you to remove the wig if you want to last it for several years. 

Synthetic Hair Wigs

  • Synthetic hair wigs are made of fibers and are more durable than original hair wigs. You don’t have to worry about the styling as they come pre-styled. If you wash or apply conditioners, they will stay in the original style no matter what. 
  • As they are cheaper, you can purchase different styles of synthetic wigs for better taste and styling options.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair and Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

  • The biggest titanic of human hair wigs disadvantage is the pricing it offers. It takes a lot of raw material, resulting in costlier pricing than synthetic wigs. 
  • It also requires significant maintenance to keep it healthier. They are naturally made but lack natural scalp to moisturize, so they must be washed and conditioned regularly. 

Synthetic Hair Wigs

  • With synthetic wigs, there are limitations with the styling. Priced high-quality synthetic wigs can bear heat styling, which is still tricky compared to natural wigs. As they are not the output of natural hair, some colors are impossible to dye in synthetic wigs. 
  • You can’t style it any other way. Some high-quality synthetic wigs can be styled using heated styling tools. But this may be more difficult than styling natural human hair. And since it is not made of natural hair, a synthetic wig lacks natural colors. 

Human Hair or Synthetic Wigs: Which Is Best?

Both wigs can be your best choices depending on your special day event. It all depends on the personal choice and expected final outlook.

If you have a special occasion that expects you to be active as a volcano, you will prefer a synthetic wig, and if you have less budget for a short-term wig, then of course, a synthetic unit will be best over the natural human hair wig.

If you are wearing a wig for the first time, a synthetic wig will also help you out by allowing you to experiment with your choice.

Mirrorly, if you want to invest for several years for a comfortable experience and want to do regular styling, then let human hair shine like a moon on your head.

You have to treat your natural hair wig like your own hair. Then, it will feel like your own hair while boosting your confidence. For styling freedom and hassle-free wearable, human hair will be the best choice over any other.

How to Tell if a Wig Is a Human Hair?

If you are not purchasing hair from Sun Trust Limited, you may need to check the quality of the wigs. 

Different suppliers have various qualities. You need to ensure which wigs you are paying for. 

Self-testing will help you to save a great amount while ensuring comfortable wigs within your budget. To avoid confusion, you must know how to distinguish the wig types. 

Here are some tips you need to know: 

  • Tangling: Synthetic hair is prone to tangle, whereas natural hair is not. However, non-remy hair is natural hair, but it is not tangle-free. If the tangle still persists, there is no need to worry. It is easier to detangle natural hair wigs. 
  • Heat-Checker: Human hair can absorb more heat when heat is applied. A flat iron test will bring up the difference. If you do this, the synthetic unit wig will emit a chemical smell from its fiber. 
  • Hair-Weight: Synthetic wigs are heavier than natural hair wigs. 
  • Burn Hair Test: Human hair will turn into ashes after burning. It will also have a burning feather smell. On the other hand, synthetic hair will spread a strong chemical flavor. 


How Long Will a Synthetic Wig Last?

Ans: Synthetic hair wigs will comfortably last up to 6 months. Nevertheless, proper care can extend the lifespan to a few more months. 

Is Synthetic Hair Good?

Ans: It depends on the situation. For a comfortable experience, human hair will outrun synthetic wigs. Costlier synthetic wigs can provide you with a similar experience. 

What Is a Synthetic Wig Made of?

Ans: Synthetic hair wigs are made of plastic or acrylic.


To be honest, there are dissimilarities between synthetic and human hair wigs, but both can be handy depending on the choice. If you are a new user, synthetic wigs can be convenient.

If you prefer comfort and have no issues with the budget, purchasing human hair wigs will be wiser.

Whichever unit you purchase, for professional wig tips and tricks and a comfortable and durable hair wig experience, unveil our finest and most exceptional daily tips.

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