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Hair Shedding Wig Meaning

What Hair Shedding Wig Meaning Can Mean? Read FIRST!


Discovering hair falling from your wig is hair shedding, but only if it is frequent. Otherwise, it is expected, especially among the newer units of wigs.

So, if you are searching for what shedding a wig means, you have to find out in which state it is now, whether it is new, you have been using it for a while, or you have barely used the wig. 

Why do I say that? Bear with me. 

Shedding Wig Meaning

You cannot blame your wig for losing its shreds. Our Hair expert team suggests that you evaluate the condition of your wig and hair shreds first.

Additionally, note down the state of your wig, such as how long you have been using it. Remember to carefully check the portion where you see the hair fall most.

New Wig Shedding

A wig and the wig user there uphold a partnership. Hair shedding can happen due to the factors from either end. 

If you are a new wig user and just purchased the wig, you can see continuous hair fall, which can be considered shedding.

It happens due to a manufacturing defect or a cheaper unit that lacks a solid, strengthened knot at the base. 

Besides, you can experience heavier shedding in the costlier wigs if you need more knowledge of the usage and storing process that can lead your wig to start shedding.

Nevertheless, continuous hair fall from your wig unit is called hair shedding, regardless of many factors. 

Wig Shedding: Human Hair vs Synthetic Wigs

People often need clarification about the type and hesitate to buy a wig—many varieties, such as human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. You may not believe it if I say human hair wigs are more user-friendly and less prone to wig shedding. 

In contrast, synthetic hair wigs are better nowadays when you look to wearing different hair styles daily. Specially crafted synthetic hair wigs can bear a lot of heat and can be very handy if you need more heat styling to match your friend’s vibe.

So, what is the difference between these two variety of wigs? 

The answer is simple: the fiber. 

You can try all the varieties on your own, too. Here is a comparison video after trying out a human hair wig and a synthetic wig for one year.

The Right Wig

Which one will suit you more? My personal tips will be both. Both can provide you with a great look, and you can hardly find the difference. A natural wig will offer you more sustainability if you take great care.

One thing that you need to remember is that shedding is common regardless of the type, but you can keep it under control. We have discussed how to prevent hair wig shedding, and you need to keep an eye out to discover more about how to stop hair wig shedding. 

Shedding From a Quality Hair Wig

Buying a costlier wig doesn’t guarantee no hair shedding. You can experience less shedding with your cheap wig unit, too. Professional and routine care can make that happen for you. Here are a few of the effective prevention tips that you can do to stop shedding:


Combing helps to stay out of detangling. However, practice being gentle while handling your wig with combs. 


You need to keep your wig moisturized as wigs can generate the required moisturization like natural hair. 

Avoid Hot Water

A hair wig base is sensitive, and hot water can damage the knot at the base. 

Less Hair Styling

If you apply different hair struggles every day that include tight styling, it can damage the knot and hair shedding. Be aware of your hairstyle; apply simpler ones. 

My other article features more detailed prevention tips, and if you want to stop shedding, dive into the words. 

How Long Does Human Hair Wig Last?

The answer is more complex than it seems. The average longevity can last up to 3 years or even more, depending on how professionally you can treat it.
Human hair wigs provide a shiny, natural feel and offer a great look. That is why it costs a lot. You can extend the durability if you can maintain a proper care routine.

The origin of the hair can sometimes be a factor. However, processing is one of the greatest factors in defining durability. Besides, using more haircare products on the natural hair wig is essential for better health of the hair system.

Choosing human hair wigs over the other types is always great, but don’t forget it doesn’t always come as ready to wear instantly. To customize your look, have a hairstylist help you out to get you the redefined look you dreamed of.

Natural Wig Lasting Factors

Simply, three factors operate behind this. Picture the following table and stay hassle-free! 

Factors Description
Lasting Target Target how long you want to wear it. Once you are there, feel free to replace. Target determines the durability a lot. 
Wearing Frequency How often you wear a wig is important. You will have to apply more effort to keep it healthy. 
Treat & Care How much time you dedicate to caring for your wig can extend the durability to a great extent. 

STOP Hair Shedding, NOT Reading Prevention Tips

Hair shedding cannot be your wig’s daily driver, but your care and proper maintenance can. Our professional team is crafting hundreds of tips to sort out natural hair care routines to stop hair shedding from your wig by any means.

The struggle starts right from the purchasing of the wig. But what matters most is finding out the causes behind the hair shedding to make most of your hair wigs unit, whether the material is synthetic or natural human hair. 

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