Sun Trust

Men’s Hair Wig & Hair System

SunTrust Ltd offers a wide range of men’s wigs and wig hairpieces. These human hair alternative systems for men cover areas affected by baldness, hair loss, or hair thinning. We have very natural looking French lace, swiss lace hair pieces as part of our wigs for men. Hairpieces are available in high and low density and are handcrafted from Indian human hair with a European Texture. Parting lines and freestyle  hairstyles are also included in our wigs. We are the best source for hair loss solutions and hair systems for men.

Many of our male clients who need to style their brand-new hair system, struggle to obtain the correct hairstylist in their area, or their local hair replacement facilities refuse to do so. We manufacture the best quality men’s toupee and have the best solution hair system. The length of the hair can be chosen, as well as the hairstyle number. This hairpiece ready-made service can also be utilized with a toupee that has been worn before, a hairpiece that is being repaired, or even just a picture you’ve chosen from an old album. Our on-site hair stylists are all experienced with hairpieces and work with them every day. You can style your hairpiece according to your demand and style.

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