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How To Stop Wigs from Shedding

How To Stop Wigs from Shedding with Preventive Tips

So, you want to stop your hair wig from shedding? Nothing can beat the magical charms you will explore as you go through, complete, and follow this article.

But have you ever wondered why hair falls from your wig? Like everyone, if you have new wigs, you will explore hair that starts falling from your human hair wig. I have gathered many professional wig-shedding prevention tips from our hair wig expert so you never face hair wig shedding again. 

Many women think synthetic wigs are safer from hair shedding, whereas recently, one of my neighbors sought resolutions to stop synthetic hair from shedding. Why do I say this?

It doesn’t matter whether the wig is cheap or a lace front curly wig; every hair is prone to shedding if regular proper care is missing. 

If this sounds good, I will start focusing on stopping shedding in different types of wigs, and you can stop your fear of hair falling in wigs whenever you get your unit firsthand

Effective Ways to Stop Wigs from Shedding

Now you are ready to unlock the human hair wig secrets; this is how you would like to read and follow to reflect the shiny output on your head-wearable.

Wig Shedding

I will discuss wig-shedding prevention tips in this article in 3 sections. Enjoy the tips whether you have just bought your wig, have been facing wig shedding recently, or are tired of trying all the hacks. 

  1. Wig Care
  2. Facts Before Purchase
  3. Styling with Hair Wig

These next 3 steps will guide you through the prevention of a variety of wig units and help you feel stress-free!

1. Wig Care

Master TR Wig Combing

You must be thinking, how do you stop my blonde or curly wig from shedding? Why so much to go through? Is this that sensitive? You’re dead right! You need to be as sensitive as possible, especially when combing. 

Here is a secret you will love to master. Whenever you start combing, you have to always, yes always, start from TIP and End in Root. Never ever do the opposite if you want to stop your lace front wig from shedding or prevent human hair wig from shedding—every time, the technique has to be similar to minimize the shedding. 

Besides, it is wiser to use a wide-toothed comb if you want to avoid getting into the hassle of tangles.

wide-toothed comb

Moisturizing Wig Unit

If your wigs look dry, they are prone to unexpected hair loss compared to moisturized wigs. As an expert, I strictly recommend keeping your wigs hydrated.

It sounds simple. But it isn’t. Your wig could be the cheap, costlier, synthetic, or natural human hair wig unit; it will never get the secreted moisture from the scalp. Many necessary and light oils, such as coconut and argon, are readily available, which you can apply to your wig to provide the proper moisture. 

Yes, Keep Moisturized. Excessively? Never!

Yes, you have to keep your unit moisturized and wash routinely. 

However, your wig should only come into contact with water in a moderate amount! Eventually, it will weaken the shreds. If you are following me, my care for you is that you should wash your hair wig piece twice or thrice weekly.

If you have a habit of swimming in the pool, it’s safe to remove it before your first dive or use a swimming cap every time. Wigs are vulnerable in pool water as they contain chlorine and might damage the unit or make it dry. So, why into hassle?

Washing with HOT Water!! A Big NO!

If you keep your wig perfectly moisturized to stop hair shedding, follow the tips above and wash properly; that will relieve a lot of stress with your wig. You won’t even need to worry about how to stop your synthetic hair from shedding if you don’t have a human hair wig. 

But don’t get into the dare of washing your wig in hot water. It can damage to a great extent, gradually leading to hair shedding. You will start to worry again

Always use lukewarm water to get the perfect healthy look on your wig and reduce shedding from the wig. 

Must Remove before Washing Wigs

How do you stop the lace front wig from shedding? A free advice. 

You can save a lot of money while keeping away from unwanted situations. Make a habit of removing residue (from glue) before you have your lace wig in your hand for washing. If you don’t, picture this: having a bald stop right in the morning!! 

Get help with some solvent to loosen the adhesive, and be aware of the solvent amount. 

Scratching Wigs & 4Ds | Do’s, Don’t, Dandruff & Dryness


Look: I have just covered glues and residues and how they can bring awkward scenarios, such as baldness, shedding, and, of course, itching. 

Do’s & Don’t

If you have an itchy scalp, you must be careful not to damage your hair wig. Sometimes, reckless scratching can destabilize the knots and lead to hair loss in the wig. 

Try tapping or deep touch to calm down the awkwardness. Continuous itching? Dandruff & dryness are a few of the reasons for that. You should get treatment for your irritation; whereas anti-itching shampoos can benefit you greatly, natural oils can bring back scalp health. 

Avoid Daylight, Ignore UV-light

In this article, you can explore how swimming and more prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage your wig. Still, you can enjoy the freedom of wearing your hair wig in sunlight without fearing hair for a certain time. No Pressure there!

You can boost your confidence by wearing a scarf, hat, or anti-ultraviolet spray on your wig on your busy days. 

Nighttime Adjustment: Prevent Wig from Shedding Significantly

Situation 1

Don’t wear your wigs while sleeping. Your wig will explore frequent friction and tension, which can occur against the pillow or between hot and cold hairs. 

Situation 2

If you have no other option except sleeping in wigs, you must possess patience while detangling. Try braiding, twisting your hair upwards if your lace wig is long, and covering it with a silk scarf. 

It helps keep the wig moisturized. 

Such habits will minimize the shedding of your lace hair wig.

2. Styling with Hair Wig

Simpler Styles, Manipulate Shedding

Different styles can affect your lace wig shedding as well as tempting to implement. Like you, I dream that too. 

What is annoying is that applying such styles (mostly tight ones) results in frequent shedding.

The reason behind this is that most of the wigs are single-knotted, so they are vulnerable to tight styles. You should experiment with your older wigs to discover what suits you most and change your styles occasionally. 

Nevertheless, be aware of tight hairstyles if you care about hair shedding and want to save more money. 

Don’t Fall in Love with Heat Styling

Do you love to style a lot with the heat? Here is the scary part for you. Direct and continuous heat applied to the wigs has severe consequences. 

It can cause hair fall, and more intense application can lead to burning the lace. 

Always make sure that the wig material can bear the heat before attempting. If your unit is a synthetic hair wig, it’s likely to melt down and damage the wig. 

You must reduce the heat application usage, and if you persist, try to lower the heat setting and do it less often. Instead, you can try out air drying as the safest approach. 

To style your synthetic wig, keep it a mile away from heat to stop shedding, melting, and damaging.

3. Purchase & Installing: Hair Wigs & Hair Products

Prefer Lightweight Hair Products

Using lightweight products is effective in reducing residues and buildups. They are helpful to prevent building excessive greases as well. On the other hand, heavy hair products can cause significant damage to wigs. You need to avoid them and prefer the heavier ones.

Another fact is that you rarely should use super-holding gels and edge-control adhesives. Overuse can lead to hair shedding and irritation.

Knock Knock! Are you planning to buy a hair wig? Before the purchase, remember to go through the reviews. Google, Hair care Websites, and Videos on YouTube can be great ways to filter out bad-quality hair wigs. 

A high-quality, customer-oriented brand will offer reasonable pricing, smooth experience, and hassle-free wearing. 

Wigs Facts Before Purchasing

Bleached knots tend to reflect a realistic look. However, the chemical process affects the shaft of the hair and weakens the base, and this causes shedding. 

It might give you the perfect look but will soon start to shedding. Instead of the bleach method, you can look for: 

  • Single knot ventilation
  • Post-dye method
  • Fake scalp method

SEAler on the WIGs

Some tips online can confuse you, and some are deceiving when you get a wig. If you really want a tip to prevent your wig from shedding, use sealant before installing it so it lasts long. 

It supports the knots firmly by sealing them with the lace, making them more secure. A good quality sealant is typically glue or adhesive, increasing the wig’s lifespan. 

Pick Up The Right Products for Your Wig

If you prefer trying many hair products, including hair sprays and shampoos, that’s fine. But, if it contains a high percentage of alcohol, it’s time you avoid it from now on. 

It can damage your wig by drying the hair shred.

Once, I used an alcohol-based hair spray, which caused brittle hair in my wigs. 

When you open your shopping mind to buy hair products check the ingredients right away, you don’t know what you are up to. Some harsh chemicals in hair products can act like a destroyer of your lovely, shiny wig. Some irreversible damages can force you to get a newer wig unit.

Along with this, pay attention to the pH level of the product. The tolerable pH range is between 4 and 6, and products within the balance will make your wig smoother. Exceeding the range can increase tangles in the wigs. 

Ensure you get this right every time you get new hair care support.

You have come thus far, and here is a deal for you. Never use conditioners and oils at the root as they are prone to weaken the knots, leading to more hair shedding. I have found this to be an everyday habit and have had many post sufferings among many.

End Note

Concluding Hair Wig Shedding, But: 

Let me be specifically honest with you. Nowadays, wigs are highly complicated and demand a different perspective of care to protect them to last longer. 

I brought everything on a small plate so that you read less and apply more on how to prevent the wig from shedding. 

Some Extra Love: Wig Shedding Prevention Tips!

Who doesn’t love extra toppings, whether on pizza or inside a burger, or tips to minimize hair wig shedding? 

Here are some specials:

  • Avoid Twitching: Be careful with your human hair wig or it’s a synthetic hair wig. If you use a curly wig, blonde wig, or lace front wig, ensure you do it slowly and maintain natural human hair habits when you remorse your wig. 

Never try to pull the wig off and twitch. Have all the patience awaiting for your lovely wig before you sleep. 

  • Hair Wig Cleaning: If you clean your lace wig with shampoo and conditioners, ensure it’s sulfate-free. If you use sprays a lot, never miss to clean those effectively, as well as repair damaged sections, if any. 
  • Never Cut Weft Thread: If you are wearing a human hair wig or lace wig, pay attention when cleaning, styling, and repairing the wig weft. Sometimes, people cut it unintentionally, and you shouldn’t belong there. It will cause more hair shedding. 
  • Drying Correctly: Use microfibre towels to dry your wig hair when needed. 

In the upcoming days, you will explore plenty more tips to care for your hair more precisely and be our shiny reader of all time

By the way, don’t miss out on Every Possible Reason behind Your Wigs that Cause Hair Shedding

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