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How to Stop Hair Extensions Matting At the Root [9 Tips]

Wig matting? We Got You!

“HOLY SHIT. My hair is matted at the roots, almost all over my head. I’m going to have to shave it off, aren’t I?” – This is one of my acquaintances who had to go through a lot after matting at the roots.

Feeling worrisome? You shouldn’t be. I will show you how to stop hair extensions from matting at the root in this article.

How to Stop Hair Extensions Matting At the Root

If there are not hundreds, the following rules can help you prevent matting at the root with your hair extension:

Regular and Proper Brushing Technique

A good habit of regular brushing can save your hair extension from getting matted. Make a habit of 2 minutes of brushing three times a day. It is vital to be careful when touching the root area because it is sensitive. If you do so, there will be less buildup of tangles and matting at the root. 

Care for Separating Bonds

Shedding is a natural factor for every person. In addition to that, when someone uses the extension, detached hair from the scalp gets attracted to the bonds. With more elapsed time, the mixup grows, leading to building matting and larger buildup.

Interestingly, the buildup is initially so tiny that people tend to notice it less likely. If you don’t take regular care and feel too lazy to separate, it will lead to matting more frequently. 

No one prefers to have such a thing. Once you begin separating the bonds regularly, you will enjoy your extension and the process. 

You can do it more occasionally when you are in your leisure time. You can run your finger through it to detangle the buildup to avoid intertwining, more precisely matting. 

Avoid Sleeping in Wet Extensions

Drying hair takes some time after a bath. If you plan to take one at night, ensure enough time for your hair care to dry. It only takes some hours to build a nest of hair if you sleep in wet hair extensions. 

NOW you know one of the most important things to avoid matting at the root. 

Braiding Hair Extension Before Sleeping

If you dance in your sleep, I mean, move a lot while sleeping; you must cover your hair extension to avoid clotting. If you don’t, you will often see matting near the root. If your hair is short in length, you can do a low ponytail or loose braid. 

Nourishing the Hair

In a word, if you want solo tips to avoid matting at the root, ensure you nourish the hair extension. Unlike natural hair, extensions don’t get the natural moisturization naturally. If you do the hairstyling less, it will also help you keep matting away. 

Avoid Backcombing

You may enjoy creating a volume of hairs with backcombing; sometimes, they are not helpful at all. Such practice damages the cuticles and can lead to hair breakage, eventually leading to tangles and matting. We suggest to avoid backcombing unless you have made it a habit. 

Using Right Products

If you use an oiling treatment in your extension, it will keep a distance from drying out.

Nevertheless, your product should suit your hair for the perfect experience. Substances like sulfate and alcohol in the product enforce your extension to detangle and matting. For prevention, you should avoid salt sprays and dry shampoos that contain such ingredients. 

Loop Brush for Brushing is Effective

If you travel a lot, your hair extension will have more matting. Some reported experiencing at the root most of the time. Loop brushes are helpful for the strands to comb well while avoiding damage. 

Wear Your Extension Accurately

You have to execute your plan to do hair extensions very well. You can take suggestions from your friends or check the reviews if you target a saloon.

Matting can often appear if your saloon expert provides unexpected services. Take a wise step with the plan.

To Conclude

Our expert team found many women asking how to stop hair extensions from matting at the root, and they have developed tips so you don’t experience this.

You must be very dedicated to developing a routine plan for your extension and hair care to experience a better output. Such a habit will keep away from shedding, tangles, and, more precisely, matting. 

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