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How To Keep Your Wig From Tangling- Causes & Solutions

Wig tangling is a daily nightmare that frustrates many women. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to experience this hassle throughout your life. Now the question is: how can you prevent wig tangling?

There are numerous ways to tackle this issue, but not all of them are effective. Today, I will share the reasons behind wig tangling and provide the most effective solution.

So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s get started-

Why Wigs Tangle

A Quick Look at a Few Reasons for Tangling in Wigs-

  1. Build quality
  2. Cuticles in the proper direction
  3. Wig processing
  4. Wig storage techniques
  5. Wig usage and rough handling

Such reasons are not limited to causing tangles in the wigs. You should remember that it’s more obvious to tangles in the wigs than natural hair. Why so? 

The natural hair system has a built-in natural oil process to keep it moisturized while reducing dryness. Consequently, it minimizes the friction between hair strands and doesn’t get attached altogether. Long hair wigs are prone to tangles due to their natural length. 

You and I discussed a few causes and the reasons for tangling. Knowing the reasons in detail is essential to keep tangling as far away as possible. Let’s learn how:

Improper Storage Causes Tangling

If you store wig units improperly, it can result in tangling as the hair strands interweave with other materials or adjacent wigs. Careless storage of wigs increases the likelihood of hair fibers becoming entangled, which causes the formation of knots and kinks.

Incorrect Washing Techniques

When you wash your hair incorrectly, it adds to tangling problems by letting dirt, oils, and styling products build up.

These residues create a sticky texture, making individual hair strands stick together and forming tangles. Furthermore, brushing wet hair can result in friction and breakage, making tangling issues worse.

Temperature Impacts Tangling

When it comes to tangling, temperature plays a significant role, especially in colder weather. In winter, women wear warmer and high-collar clothes, which tangle their hair more at the neck.

The dry air and the friction generated by clothing can deplete the hair of its moisture, heightening its vulnerability to tangling.

Wet Hair Sleeping

Sleeping with wet hair, especially in wigs, can lead to tangling. Wet hair is more susceptible to compression and friction during sleep, contributing to matting and knot formation. This effect is more pronounced for those who wear curly wig units.

Product Buildup Acts as Culprit

Irregular washing, excessive hairstyling, and the use of multiple hair care products create a conducive environment for tangling. Product buildup can weigh down the hair, causing strands to stick together and form tangles.

Hair Processing Excessively

Wigs are typically processed before reaching users. However, excessive processing, such as aggressive chemical treatments, can strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture, making it more prone to tangling and breakage.

Weather, The Real Damager

Last but not least, different weather conditions can impact wig maintenance, leading to tangling issues. Dry weather can sap moisture from the hair fibers, resulting in stiffness and tangling. The environmental conditions in which wigs are worn contribute to the overall health of the hair and its susceptibility to tangling.

How to Keep a Wig from Tangling While Wearing

Detangling Spray

Detangler sprays do three things more efficiently: Smoothing, tangle-free, and frizzing your wig. You need to spray uniformly across the hair volume before you start combing. 

Detangling Hair Products

You can use leave-in-conditioner and harsh chemical-free shampoos for your hair to keep it moisturized. These don’t let the hair strands stay dryer or cause severe hair damage. 

Brushing the Wig

It’s important to make a habit of regularly brushing the wigs. You have to start brushing from the ends to the root. You can find out how it can lead to hair shedding. 

No Excessive Heat

High and low temperatures both can cause hair damage. Excessive heat for heat styling dries the hair and causes significant damage. You should use a heat protectant spray before applying heat for styling. 

Storage Hack

Storing a wig in a cool, dry place keeps it healthy and tangle-free. Do not fold for any cause. A wig stand is also handy for storing a wig. 

Avoiding Friction

Hair friction with another causes it to tangle. It can happen while wearing or storing. Make a practice of not sleeping in wigs, or cover your wigs with a scarf when sleeping in them. 

Regular Washing

Our chief hair expert suggests washing your wish more often if you want to know how to keep your wig from tangling.  

Here are some steps: 

  1. Wash in lukewarm water. 
  2. Let the wig soak.
  3. Apply a mild shampoo.
  4. Avoid scrubbing.
  5. Rinse the hair and apply conditioner.
  6. Wash it appropriately.
  7. Use a towel to dry the hair. 

How to Prevent Synthetic Wig from Tangling

We all know synthetic wigs tangle a lot more than human hair wigs. This is how you should prevent your synthetic wig from tangling:


It will take some cold water and shampoo to do the bathing. Submerge the wig into the mixture of water and shampoo. Do the process slowly and a couple of times repeatedly. It helps to get the wig piece saturated. Be more gentle while bathing, and do not scrub the hair pieces.


Keep your wig on a sig stand or the basing to filter out extra water. You should set in the stand to let the room temperature dry the piece. A towel can quicken the process. However, no rubbing can be applied in the process of drying. 


Before combing, spray a coat of a wig sheen over the wig. It eases to do the combing. Try to do this slowly and maintain the process of one section at a time. If your wig hair is wavy, use a wide-tooth comb. 

How to Keep Long Cosplay Wigs from Tangling?

The most important thing you need to do is treat the wig well before and after wearing it. Find a conditioner to coat the wig before wearing, especially in the area where the wig faces a lot of friction with the clothes. You can also use a detangling spray in the whole part of the wig.

Sometimes, the wig piece is soaked in detergent and fabric softener with water for saturating. It helps a lot. You need to soak in the mixture for about 30 minutes and dry it before using it. Don’t forget to brush after wearing it.

How to Stop Weave from Tangling

If you have got a Weave, follow these don’ts: 

  • Rub wig hair ever. 
  • Apply extra hair products, over moisturize. 
  • Detangle dry hair.
  • Apply alcohol-based hair products.


To be honest, it’s impossible to completely eliminate wig tangling, even natural hair experiences occasional tangling. However, with regular care and a high-quality wig, you can minimize frequent tangling, ultimately extending the lifespan of the wig.

We have discussed how to avoid and prevent tangling, and our expert team has researched and compiled these helpful tips. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions.

We are committed to continuously providing better service for your wig needs.

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