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How to Keep Wig from Tangling at Nape of Neck

How to Keep Wig from Tangling at Nape of Neck: With Causes

Perfect hair look? Wigs offer the perfect look in just a minute. However, owning a wig comes with its challenges. At Sun Trust, we aim to assist you with professional tips both before and after purchasing a wig.

Tangling in wigs is common, but how it can be detangled depends on the wig type and amazing techniques. Detangling should be a regular habit to take care of your wig unit.

Tangling can occur in various parts of wigs, but don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss how to prevent wig tangling at the nape of the neck.

Tangling Causes & Detangling Ways

If your wig is tangling at the nape of your neck, consider it a common behavior of wigs and stress less, as we’ve got you covered. Wigs are prone to knotting and tangling compared to natural hair.

Synthetic hair wigs or natural hair wigs lack a natural scalp and glands of their own to take control. As a result, they can’t heal or moisturize themselves regularly, leading to reduced shine.

Bear with me! I will guide you through our professional hacks. Let’s start with preventing tangling at the back of the neck.

Why Do Wigs Tangle at the Nape- Reasons

  • Overuse of Hair Products: Many think multiple hair products keep the wig healthier. It’s a myth and doesn’t get absorbed by the hairs. Residue in the hair damages the wig by gathering in the cuticle, resulting in tangling. You can find more myths and facts about your hair wig. 
  • Necklace: Wearing a necklace provokes hair strands to tangle at your neck. Women with such habit face tangling a lot at their nape. 
  • Friction: Sometimes, friction with the collar of your dress or with the pillow can result in tangling at the nape. 
  • Sweating: Sweating in different portions of hair strands gives rise to tangling. 
  • Wrong Combing Approach: Wrong combing also affects the nape hair and offers tangling. 
  • Nature Effect: If you are out in the open more often and expose your hair in the open air, it can lead to tangling in many areas, including your neck hair. 
  • Hair Size: If you fail to care for your hair regularly with a long-sized wig, you will face tangling more frequently. Besides, it is harder to take care of long hair.
  • Heat Styling Limit: Excessive heat styling impacts the custom hairstyle and provokes tangling in many areas.

How to Keep Wig from Tangling at Nape of Neck

Proper Washing

We recommend using sulfate and alcohol-free, proper nourishing shampoos when it’s time to wash your hair. It is also essential that your conditioner is mild. Both products should have a low pH. You shouldn’t scrub your hair like natural hair. Be careful while washing and rinsing. Use the ends-to-roots strategy while rinsing your hair.

Choosing the Right Wig

Don’t just go for a pricey wig. Instead, it’s better to choose one that suits you better. Go for the look, but prioritize comfort first. A mighty tip is choosing a wig without a comb to avoid friction.

Stop Tangles with Less

Your wig has no natural hair system to moisturize or heal itself. You need to be precise with hair care products. Build a habit of cleaning your hair wig more often. A gentle shampoo can help you make your hair dry. Apply a silicone thermal protectant to keep it moisturized and tangle-free.

Brush Your Wig Often

At the nape, hair faces frequent friction and tangles. Apply finger combing or light brushing when you have time. Be gentle to avoid damaging the strand or fiber. Practice the ends-to-roots strategy for brushing.

Tangle-Reducing Strategies

You can reduce tangling to a great percentage by avoiding hair friction. Try a wig cap to place your hair in a certain position. An anti-static spray can also help prevent hair friction.

Smart Wig Storage Practices

Careful storage helps prevent tangling, particularly at the nape of the neck. Use a mannequin head to store your wig. The right way of storing also helps prevent shedding. Don’t forget to dry your hair before the storing process.

What NOW?

In short, a hair wig doesn’t last a lifetime. Now, you have discovered the tangling causes and how to avoid tangling at the nape of your neck. Tangling is a regular factor for wigs; you should feel more confident with our tips. For more detangling hacks, write to us.

Besides, you can extend the usual lifespan of a hair wig with proper care. If you want to know how to stop shedding and avoid tangling more effectively, subscribe to us NOW!

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