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How Do You Know If A Wig Is Good Quality

How Do You Know If A Wig Is Good Quality? [Tips & Facts]

Seeking answers for finding a good quality wig? I will share my experience here. Since my first time dissatisfaction, I have never looked back again to find a suitable unit. I was desperate to know all the details regarding finding good quality wigs. 

Now, I am an expert. I will share everything I have gathered. Exploring the characteristics of non-shedding wigs and knowing a good quality wig is the same as finding the perfect pair within the budget. What are we waiting for? 

Let’s jump in.

Good Wig vs. Bad Wig

Features Good Wigs Bad Wigs
Price For good wigs, pricing is a great concern. It may look good initially, but it won’t last long. Good pricing comes with more customizing options, too.  Strengthening the durability with routined care for a cheaper wig is possible. But, It offers fewer options to choose from, and a longer lifespan will only happen with this type if you are lucky.
Root Variations To distinguish between 2 types of wigs, one can start with the root. Good knot quality is one of the key factors for solid durability.  Sometimes, it feels like something is pressed against the head too tightly.
Usability & Styling Freedom A good natural human hair wig will let you design the perfect hairstyling as per your choice. However, there are some limitations when it comes to applying heat and bleaching the wig unit.  On the other hand, you will have fewer options to apply heat. Synthetic wigs are not as good as virgin wigs because they are prone to breakage.
Hair Texture The texture of good quality hair talks a lot about authenticity and user experience.  In contrast, you may find some wigs with an extended and forceful natural look but dry. Be aware of that. 
Thickness Thickness is another essential factor to consider.

Good quality will also blend nicely with the skin color. 

Bad-quality wigs are mostly thick and are more challenging to sit nicely on the head. One can easily notice the difference.
Coloring You will feel instinct when you get hands-on with a natural wig. Most of the good wigs have a soothing, nice color.  Low-quality wigs have more unusual and odd colors that barely look appealing.
Uniformity & Perfection Human hair wigs will have imperfections, such as knotting or natural color. Only some features will be available in a single unit altogether.  A low-quality synthetic wig will look more polished and unnatural, making it more fake. 
Regular Usage You can use such wigs almost regularly.  A low-quality wig will have a shorter lifespan with regular use.

How Do You Know If A Wig Is a Good Quality?

Do you hate not finding suitable quality wearables at the right time? Wham! Me too.

Finding the right and good wig unit will be the last step to give you the perfect look on your special day. However, picking the ideal unit is challenging as thousands of options are available on the market. It’s easier to end up with poor-quality wigs while finding good ones is more challenging.

Comfort & Styling

Styling and comfort are among the most expected outcomes from a good quality wig. While comfortable wigs feel more natural, regular styling can impact wigs’ durability.

Both of these factors are available with a quality wig. Meanwhile, it is also essential that wigs are knotted properly with proper ventilation. It keeps the scalp healthy and sweat-free.

Good quality wigs are strong against cleaning, handling, and bleaching unless harsh chemicals are used. Nevertheless, avoiding heat styling with any wig is a good practice. 

Super Structure

If you are looking for a good wig, you must invest a good amount to make the most of the wig’s comfort, structure, and durability.

A wig should look more natural-looking and give you the utmost ease. For that, it is vital to suit the cap on your head nicely. Hand-knitted caps are more comfortable but come at a higher cost. They are designed with tiny details to attach to the head firmly, matching every point well.

If you are into machine-knitted wigs, they come with thick synthetic hair. Sometimes, it doesn’t suit nicely. However, everyone has their own choices. 


The price often determines the durability of the wig in most cases. If you purchase a costlier unit, it will last longer with more expectations. 

On top of that, if you can take proper care, you can extend the lifespan to a great extent. You can read more about the care, especially if you want to reduce hair shedding from your wig.

Usually, a wig can last around a year; it doesn’t matter if you want to wear it regularly. But good care should be ensured even when storing before you sleep.

Synthetic wigs don’t last that long and can bear less hassle. If you are going for synthetic wigs, ensure they can withstand regular strains.

Natural-like Hair

A good wig always takes the first glimpse. Why do I say that?

It is because one can barely detect it’s a wig when it is made up of natural hair. Costlier wigs fit correctly and look more natural. 

With alluring comfort, it boosts confidence and controls your stress. 

Brand Awareness

How a wig is made and brought to the market is reflected in its quality. Brands with a strong reputation and a large fan base are more likely to provide high-quality wigs that meet your expectations. Brands like Sun Trust are among the top, with their own manufacturing factory and women workers who know the value of hair quality. 

If you are searching for the best quality wigs, it would be wiser to sneak peek into their stores. 

Opinion & Queries

A natural hair wig should last long. But for that, the unit should be a durable product that can last with proper care.

Before purchasing a wig, try evaluating previous users’ opinions when it comes to querying about quality. You can also ask shop owners or customer assistants in the shop about the quality and longevity. They can understand a customer’s needs well and suggest a suitable option based on their experience.

However, in both cases, it requires asking the right questions to meet your expectations with the hair wig. 

What Questions to Ask When Buying a Wig?

Regardless of your previous buying experience, here are some suggestions that can help you with the possible questions to find a good quality wig while matching your requirements. 

You can ask plenty of queries as perfection has no limit, but here are a few basic questions that will help you understand a lot, even if you are purchasing for the first time.

Q1. Is My Budget Right?

Many stores have different variations of the wig. Buying a good unit might be challenging if you have a limited budget. On the other hand, plenty of options are available for the costlier part. It will make you more confused.  Assistants or your hair expert friends can help you find a durable and natural-looking wig.

Q2. Will The Wig Fit My Head?

The answer is tough. People have different types of heads with sizes and shapes. 

For comfort, it is very important to fit your head cap size. Costlier wigs can be customized with the perfect size cap for you. 

Q3. Do I Need to Purchase Hair Care Products for My Wig?

Essential oils are important for your wigs to provide moisture. Some products contain sulfate that can harm wig shreds. Regular shampoos can also damage your wig. It is better to ask about the required high-quality hair product to keep your wig healthy and best-looking. 

Q4. Can I Do Hairstyling With the Wig?

Usually, wigs have extra hair to provide a suitable custom look. Human hair wigs can be customized to any natural look. 

Q5. How Can I Store Wigs Neatly?

If you are to keep the color of your wig last a long time, store your wig always in a dry place. Using a mannequin head doesn’t always give a positive output

You can ask about precise and effective storage techniques. 


How Long Does a Good Human Hair Wig Last?

A synthetic hair wig lasts about 4 to 6 months, whereas human hair wigs can last over a year. 

How to tell if a wig is human hair or synthetic?

In short, the answer is fiber. Human wig has a more natural color. We will talk about more features soon. 


In short, three things define a quality wig. Longevity, look, no shedding. Investing in a good quality wig with a reasonable budget is an excellent investment in your wardrobe. After all, who wants to take the hassle every day?

We will talk more about finding quality wigs and professional tips for extending the lifespan of wigs. Once you decide to purchase a wig, do thorough research. Don’t forget to ask your queries to family, friends, colleagues, and customer assistants at the shop before making the final payment.

We will cover more advanced questions & answers to help you find your compelling head pair.  

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