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About SunTrust

SunTrust Ltd., located in Bangladesh, is the First Largest Human Hair Factory in Bangladesh. SunTrust Ltd. is a Global Human Hair Distribution Company, which completely focuses on making Human Hair extensions that include Full Lace Wigs, Lace Frontal Wigs, Sew-in Bundles, Frontals, Closures. All hairs are sewn by professional hair workers, trained by the experts from China and Korea. All our hairs are made from the finest raw materials from India, and under complete supervision for the assurance of best quality hair in the global market. Our hairs have the softest texture and the best ratio.

Board of Directors

Sanjoy Kumar Saha

Vice Chairman & CFO

Md Mohsin Rahman

Chairman & MD

Sayed Mohammad Azizur Rahman

Vice Chairman & CEO

SunTrust Hair has become a great source of exports to wholesale stores, retail stores, salon owners, hairstylists and online stores in the USA  Market, Bahamas, Africa, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos Islands and many more. First time in Bangladesh, locally we are manufacturing everything and exporting them to the global market. As a Bangladeshi Factory, it is a big achievement in the beauty industry. Most of our factory workers are women, as it’s a beauty industry, we are trying our best to give more opportunities to the women in our country. Our Government is working for women empowerment, so we are also creating opportunities to give them the road to success through our factories.

Suntrust Ltd. has 20 Factories in Bangladesh so far.

The Locations are:

All our factories are working with thousands of workers. More locations are opening soon in other rural areas of Bangladesh.

One of the reasons for choosing these locations is because we want to give jobs to people who cannot come to city areas leaving their family.

Suntrust is specialized in making hair since 2018 with high end equipment and trained workers by the best team from China and Korea. We have been considered as the best hair making industry in Bangladesh and also praised by the export markets from all over the world for our best quality hair.

Suntrust is a highly professional and experienced manufacturer of top notch quality of human hair. Our company always gets the best hair lot from the hair market. Before working on it, we always inspect the lot and then start working on it. Suntrust hair has the softest texture and the best hair ratio that no one can beat.

Future plans for Suntrust are not only dedicated to beautifying women’s hair only. It is preparing to make men’s cap and  also cover European markets like UK, France in the future.

We are one of the vendors of the most loved brand in USA,  called Mia Human Hair, which is one of the best quality hair wholesalers in the US market. Mia Hair has made quite a mark in the US market by now, and has been worn by many celebrities and regular customers.

All these only inspire us to do better everyday and work for the beauty of hair. So, whether you are a retail store owner, a hair stylist or salon owner, worry no more. Just shoot us a message and give us your hair requirements. We will be your next door vendor in your country. You will always get the best quality hair from the best industry “Made In Bangladesh”

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